The Birth of Salvador Dali

Jupiter = 100
Venus = 121
Pluto = 220
Uranus = 221
Moon = 231
Mars = 302
Mercury = 331
Neptune = 331
Sun = 332
Saturn = 421

Node = non-Transcendental (401)

[Least-aspected Jupiter / Venus]


Salvador Dali

Primary Transcendental Jupiter, Secondary Transcendental Venus.

May 11, 1904
8.45.00 AM GMT (+00)
2E58'00"; 42N16'00"
Asc: 22 Cn 15; Mc: 3 Ai 11

Source: Lois Rodden, Astro-Data IV, p. 47, citing "B.C. in hand, Juan Trigo."

Additional information: "Dali was a famous surrealist painter. His unusual pictures made him one of the most publicized figures in modern art.

"Dali called his surrealist paintings "hand-painted dream photographs." The pictures show strange, often nightmarish combinations of precisely detailed figures and objects. Many of his paintings have violent and/or sexual associations. The barren landscapes and fantastic rock formations of the Spanish region of Catalonia, where Dali was born, appear in a number of his works. Dali's Persistence of Memory illustrates his realistic technique and his use of complicated, puzzling symbols ... Dali also created many etchings and lithographs. He designed many of these prints to illustrate books. Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali was born in Figueras, Spain. He was also a sculptor and jewelry designer. Dali worked with the Spanish film director Luis Bunuel on two surrealist motion pictures--An Andalusian Dog (1929) and The Golden Age (1930)."  World Book Encyclopedia, CD-Rom edition, 1997.


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