Moon = 021
Neptune = 100
Jupiter = 101
Uranus = 121
Venus = 200
Sun = 201
Saturn = 201
Mars = 300
Pluto = 300
Mercury = 321

Node = non-Transcendental (320)

Oprah Winfrey

Primary Transcendental Moon / Secondary Neptune / Tertiary Transcendental Jupiter

Jan 29, 1954
4.30.00 AM (+06)
89W35'00"; 33N03'00"
Kosciusko, MS
Asc: 29Sa41; Mc: 17Lib24

Lois Rodden’s AstroDatabank (on-line), citing data source as: "From memory." (Data rated 'A'.): "East Coast astrologer Robert Marks quotes her from the time he was on her show in 1988, reported to LMR on 10/02/2000. Formerly, Frank C. Clifford reported, 3/1995, "She held a show late last year a few months before her 41st birthday in which she featured a 'life-clock' that shows how many hours, minutes and seconds a person has left until they reach age 80. At 12:38 PM exactly on that day, she had 344,479 hours and 12 minutes before reaching 80. This would compute to a birth time of 7:50 PM." (Several mathematicians separately came up with the same time, which is, nonetheless, an arbitrary example of the life-clock and may or may not have come from her actual time of birth. (A quote from her is a preferable source.) ( gives 6:29 PM, no source, 3/2000.)"

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