The Birth of Princess Diana


Jupiter = 111
Saturn = 112
Mars = 211
Uranus = 212
Moon = 221
Mercury = 300
Neptune = 301
Venus = 311
Sun = 340
Pluto = 411

Node = Transcendental Node (120)

"You were a Cinderella [Saturn] at the Ball [Jupiter] and now you are a sleeping beauty."
-- Anonymous note inscribed on a ballet shoe found tied to the railing at Kensington Palace.

Princess Diana

Primary Transcendental Jupiter, Secondary Transcendental Saturn.

Jul 1, 1961
7.45.00 PM GMD (-01)
0E30'00"; 52N50'00"
Asc: 18 Sa 24; Mc: 23 Li 03

Source: Official birth time announced by Buckingham Palace, cited by Nicholas Campion in The Astrological Journal, Nov/Dec 1997 Vol. 39, No.5, noting: "When Diana's engagement to Charles was anounced her birth time was given as 2.00 pm on 1 July 1961, Sandringham. The time was then corrected to 7.45 pm and confirmed in a letter to Charles Harvey from the Queen's assistant press secretary as being from Diana's mother (note 15, p 168).  This is the time used by Debbie Frank, Diana's astrologer for the last eight years ..." Campion goes on to explain that another time has been used for Diana: 2:15 pm; after discussing several possiblities he concludes: "It [7.45 pm] was also the time which formed the basis of the astrological advice she received throughout the nineties. Debbie Frank told me that in the eighteen months before Diana died she raised the question of Diana's birth time with her, and Diana was insistent that she was born in the evening."

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