The Birth of Patti Smith


Astrocartography of Patti Smith

Gauquelin Sector-chart of Patti Smith


Uranus = 011
Saturn = 020
Mercury = 121
Jupiter = 121
Pluto = 121
Venus = 141
Mars = 211
Sun = 231
Moon = 311
Neptune = 321

Node = non-Transcendental Node (331)


[Least aspected Uranus]

Patti Smith

Primary Transcendental Uranus, Secondary Transcendental Saturn.

Dec 30, 1946
6:01 AM CST (+06)
87W39'00"; 41N52'00"
Asc: 19 Sa 27; Mc: 11Li 53

Source: Richard Nolle's on-line celebrity data, citing Lois Rodden, "Astro-Data III, 1986. (D= A)."

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The Role of the Least-Aspected Planet in Astrocartography

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