The Birth of Richard Wagner

Neptune = 101
Moon = 110
Saturn = 110
Pluto = 140
Uranus = 202
Mercury = 210
Venus = 302
Jupiter = 310
Mars = 410
Sun = 412

Node = non-Transcendental (220)

[Least aspected Neptune]


Richard Wagner

Primary Transcendental Neptune.

May 22, 1813
4.00 AM LMT (+00)
12E20'00"; 51N19'00"
Asc: 28 Ta 21; Mc: 27 Cp 18

Source: Lois Rodden, Astro-Data II, p. 383, citing "Steinbrecher quotes biography by A. Ellis, 'sunrise'."

Additional information: "Wagner was a great German composer who fundamentally changed European musical, literary, and theatrical life. Wagner believed that the theater should be the center of a community's culture rather than merely a place of entertainment. He finally built his own theater and founded Europe's oldest summer music festival. He intended this festival and the ideal conditions it offered to performing artists to serve as a model for other theaters.

"Wagner wrote his own opera librettos (texts), basing his mature works on episodes from history and from medieval myths and legends. In the music of his earlier works, he used elements of the German, French, and Italian operatic styles of his time. He reached a climax in Lohengrin, which brought these diverse elements to intense, expressive unity. After Lohengrin, Wagner developed a new musical language. Composers like Mozart tended to compose operas that were divided into a series of separate musical pieces or "numbers." Wagner moved to a freer chain of many melodic ideas (called motives) and keys, using new ways to blend them into the vast dimensions of his musical dramas [...] Wagner's works have placed him in the ranks of the world's greatest composers."   World Book Encyclopedia, CD-Rom edition, 1997.




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