The Birth of Timothy Leary


Neptune = 002
Saturn = 110
Mars = 121
Pluto = 121
Jupiter = 121
Venus = 211
Sun = 222
Mercury = 230
Uranus = 400
Moon = 401

Node = non-Transcendental (210)


"He found himself staring into a bowl of ugly, foul-smelling moldy black mushrooms. Reluctantly, he chewed on one, washed back its terrible taste with some beer and waited for the much-touted visions to come. They came, hard [Saturn] and beautiful - and in the next few hours, Leary's life changed powerfully and irrevocably. "I gave way to delight, as mystics have for centuries," [Neptune] he wrote in Flashbacks. "Mystics come back raving about higher levels of perception, where one sees realities a hundred times more beautiful and meaningful than the reassuringly familiar scripts of normal life.... we discover abruptly that everything we accept as reality [Saturn] is just social fabrication."
-- "Timothy Leary 1920-1996," by Mikal Gilmore, Rolling Stone, July 11-25, 1996.


Timothy Leary

Primary Transcendental Neptune, Secondary Transcendental Saturn.

Oct 22, 1920
10.45.00 AM EDT (+04)
Springfield, MA
72W35'00"; 42N06'00"
Asc: 09 Sa 44; Mc: 29 Vi 20

Source: Lois M. Rodden, "Astro-Data II," pp. 326-327, citing "Steinbrecher from Springfield medical records."

Additional information: Notably, Leary's Transcendental Neptune tenents his 8th house. Author of  "The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead," Leary was interviewed on the subject of death shortly before his own recent demise:

"TIMOTHY LEARY WAS FOND OF POINIING OUT that the probable date of his conception was Jan. 17,1920, the day after the start of Prohibition, the official beginning of America's troubled attempts to regulate intoxicants and mind-altering substances in this century [
Saturn / Neptune ...] Nothing he has done in the years since [the 1960s] has inspired as much reaction as how he has been preparing for his death. A year and a half ago, Leary learned that he had fatal prostate cancer - and he promptly did the one thing almost nobody does in such a situation: He celebrated the news [...]

"One afternoon we were talking about, well, death. I had been telling him about my last acid trip. He winked at me and laughed. "But of course," he said. "Everybody says it's a dying, death experience. If you don't die, you didn't get your money's worth from your dealer. Dying was built right into it. Why do you think we were using the Tibetan Book of the Dead as our guiding text?" I understood then that I was talking with a man who had already died many times over. It's like he said: That was one of acid's core truths. It could take you into all kinds of deaths - deaths of ego, deaths of misconceptions - and you could then walk back alive. More or less. " Timothy Leary 1920-1996," by Mikal Gilmore Rolling Stone July 11-25, 1996.  Leary's role and his effect upon the '60s youth movement - one both beneficial and harmful - was at the very least a controversial one.

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