Mundane Horoscope of Kosovo:
Referendum Approving the Declaration of Sovereignty


Mars = 022
Venus = 030
Pluto = 051
Neptune = 100
Saturn = 111
Jupiter = 120
Sun = 311
Mercury = 321
Uranus = 321
Moon = 421

Node = non-Transcendental (300)

[Least-aspected Mars]

     Kosovo: Referendum Approving the Declaration of Sovereignty

Sep. 30, 1991
20.00. PM CET (+00)
028E52'00"; 42N53'00"
Asc: 17 Ge 00; Mc: 20 Aq 30

Source: "The autonomous Serbian republic of Kossovo declared independence as the republic of Kossova in 1991. A referendum held on 26 - 30 September 1991 approved the declaration of sovereignty and on 19 October 1991 a provisional government was established, but had to remain underground due to Serbian surveillance. It did not seek international recognition, and was recognized only by Albania. European Community recognition was requested on 23 December 1991, but refused. Chart 181 is set for approximate time of the close of  polls on 30 September 1991 and for the capital Kossovo." Campion, "Book of World Horoscopes," p. 224.

Commentary: Issues of "war, / peace, / and deep societal transformation involving mass movements and even larger issues of global interaction and the historical zeitgeist" Primary Transcendental Mars / Secondary Venus / Tertiary Transcendental Pluto) all figure into the Transcendental portrait of this national horoscope.

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Kosovo: Referendum Approving the Declaration of Sovereignty
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