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The Role of the Least-Aspected Planet in Astrocartography

Planetary Symbolism in Astrocartography and Transcendental Astrology

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Pablo Picasso relocated directly under the line of his Least-Aspected planet -- Primary Transcendental Sun -- positioned precisely above Paris in its Transcendental Imum Coeli position -- where he became the most celebrated painter in modern history.

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I. Introduction

I. Introduction


II. Transcendental Biographies:

The effect of the Transcendental Planet in the lives of historical, cultural and artistic personalities

Joan Baez | Ethel Barrymore | Clara Barton | Otto von Bismarck | William Blake | Helena Blavatsky | Marlon Brando | Louise Brown | Elizabeth B. Browning | Sir Richard Burton | Robert Burton | Richard E. Byrd | Lord Byron | Catherine the Great | Louis-Ferdinand Celine | Charlie Chaplin | Claudette Colbert | Sir Arthur Conan Doyle | The Dalai-Lama | James Dean | Simone de Beauvoir | Claude Debussy | Emily Dickinson | Amelia Earhart | Adolf Eichmann | T.S. Eliot | Queen Elizabeth I | F. Scott Fitzgerald | Sigmund Freud | Indira Gandhi | Paul Gauguin George Harrison | Ernest Hemingway | Adolf Hitler | Victor Hugo | Helen Keller | John Lennon | Abraham Lincoln | Jack London | Marcello Mastroianni | Herman Melville | Michelangelo | Maria Montessori | Jim Morrison | Benito Mussolini | Friedrich Nietzsche | Richard M. Nixon | Pablo Picasso | Vanessa Redgrave | Rainer Maria Rilke | Arthur Rimbaud | Jackie Robinson | Auguste Rodin | Erwin Rommel | Eleanor Roosevelt | Dante Gabriel Rossetti | Bertrand Russell | Edith Sitwell | Ringo Starr | Algernon Swinburne | Teilhard de Chardin | Alfred Lord Tennyson | Nikola Tesla | Harry Truman | Jules Verne | Queen Victoria | Luchino Visconti | George Washington | Edward H. White II | Kaiser Wilhelm II | Woodrow Wilson | William Butler Yeats

III. Transcendental Events:

Historical moments deemed Transcendental

Atom bomb: First controlled nuclear chain reaction
| Atom bomb: Trinity Test | Cuba: Resignation of Batista | Cuba: Castro's triumphant return to Havana | Lincoln's second inaugural address | Nazi Party founded | Nazis surrender | Pearl Harbor: Liftoff of the Japanese strike force | USA: British surrender to George Washington | USA: The Civil War, i: Secession of South Carolina | USA: The Civil War, ii: Shelling of Fort Sumter | USA: The Civil War, iii: The North responds USA: Declaration of War against Germany, 1941 | USA: The power failure of 1965 | Vietnam: The Tet Offensive  | 

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IV. On the nature of the Transcendental Energy

 1. Psychic Inflation | 2. Summary of Planetary Symbolism | 3. Transcendental Planets

Moon line in astrocartography Sun line in astrocartography   |  Mercury line in astrocartography   |  Venus line in astrocartography    |  Mars line in astrocartography   |  Jupiter line in astrocartography   |  Saturn line in astrocartography   |  Uranus line in astrocartography   |  Neptune line in astrocartography   |  Pluto line in astrocartography   |  Numinous Consciousness |

V. Other considerations:

Nodes, Travel and the Triple-zero Transcendental

Appendices |

A - Aspect orbs | B - References | C - Databank


Additional biographies and events

Muhammad Ali | Hans Christian Andersen | Queen Anne Alexander Graham Bell | Georges Braque | Bill Clinton | Sean Connery Benjamin Disraeli | Jeane Dixon | Peggy Fleming | Henry Ford | Grace Kelly | Katherine Mansfield | Iris Murdoch | Sissy Spacek | Berlin Wall


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I. The Least-Aspected Planet as the Spiritual Raison d'Etre:

Interview in Astrolore magazine

II. Transcendental Nations

Underaspected Planets in the Birth of Nations

Extensive collection of horoscopes of nations, exploring the peculiar role of Least-Aspected Saturn in national formations and in presidential horoscopes.


III. American Presidents & LAP Saturn

Complete collection of American presidential horoscopes  

Statistical analysis of Least-Aspected planets for 41 American presidents.


IV. World Events

Underaspected Planets in Mundane Astrology & World Events:

Mundane charts with Least-Aspected planets; including the first oil strike (Least-Aspected Neptune); the discovery of Pluto (Least-Aspected Pluto); and Black Thursday, the 1929 Depression (Least-Aspected Saturn).


V. Beyond the “Trigger Effect”:

A Personal Note on the Numinous Consciousness

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VI. The LAP as the Focal Point of the Horoscope

The Least-Aspected Planet as a Metaphor of the Soul


VII. Zones of Intensity

Zones of Intensity: The Integration of Least- and Most-aspected Planetary Energies in Natal Astrology and in Astrocartography.

The Case of President George W. Bush


VIII. Transcendental Portraits:
Transcendental Portraits: On the Symbolism of Least-Aspected Uranus-Moon


IX. Author's Biography: 

 Astrocartographer Couteau in Wikipedia

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"Couteau shares his in-depth research into biography and location at his site. There is a large collection of maps ... and articles at this always growing site, which is a wonderful resource for hose interested in locational techniques."

-- "Hot Web Sites for Astrologers," reviewed by Mary Plumb, The Mountain Astrologer, June / July 2000.

VIII. Transcendental Portraits  |  IX: Couteau on Wiki

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'Transcendental Nations: Underaspected Planets in the Birth of Nations'

"This is a sparkling new site by my cyber friend Couteau, whose work in expanding on Astro * Carto* Graphy continues to gobsmack me! His work in this field is inspiring a lot of interest and I have noticed a trend developing where we are looking for practical applications and more 'down to earth' uses for our astrology. This is compatible with Scott Whitters and my own work in the field of local space and garden and architectural design and I urge you to visit Couteau's site as it brings new color to the concept of mundane astrology and the nature of nations."

Linda Reid,
author of Crossing the Threshold: The Astrology of Dreaming (Penguin), Nov. 1998 "PanPlanet Newsletter" review.

'Role of the Least-aspected Planet':

“Your material is superb ... Because of my interest in aspects as well as Astro * Carto * Graphy I found your discussion of least-aspected planets very interesting and can validate some of it. Had never looked at this concept in A*C*G before and am excited with what I've found. Will go back to your site often ... I find the triple-zero Transcendentals fascinating...”

Donna Van Toen,
author of The Astrologer's Node Book & The Mars Book (Weiser’s), 13 June 1998.

"I had a guru with an unaspected Sun. He always thought that it allowed him the maximum freedom of expressing the Sun's meaning and function. Perhaps aspects not only help manifest or express a planet's meaning and function they also limit its scope of action."

Dr Victor Mansfield,
author of Synchronicity, Science, and Soul-Making

and Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Colgate University, 15 Oct 1998.

"I've just checked into your website, and I am extremely impressed with your discoveries and presentation! Thank you. Please know that your work requires / deserves much time for study and assimilation........I feel it is really a "book" that all of us should study..."

-- Noel Tyl,
1 June 1998

"Go here for excellent work on astrocartograpy maps from Couteau."

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"Couteau shares his in-depth research into biography and location at his site. There is a large collection of maps (more than 100) and articles at this always growing site, which is a wonderful resource for those interested in locational techniques."

-- Mary Plumb,
"Hot Web Sites for Astrologers," The Mountain Astrologer (online), June / July 2000.

"Don't miss Couteau's work on 'The Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography'; it is astoundingly good research."

Mark McDonough,
President, AstroDatabank, Feb 2001

"Congratulntions on your work!"

Boris Cristoff,
discoverer of the PROLUNA system of interpretation, and author of the Astrologic Table of History
, Feb 2001

"Couteau has assembled his creative and impeccable research … into a book subtitled Planetary Symbolism in Transcendental Astrology…. Astrologers with a serious interest in locational astrology and mapping techniques will be enthralled by this book, as will all those who appreciate innovative astrological thinking."

-Mary Plumb, The Mountain Astrologer magazine, Oct./Nov. 2006

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