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The Role of the Least Aspected Planet:

“Couteau's astrocartography is not only a good primer on locational astrology but a cogent presentation of his theory that the least aspected planet in anyone's chart is a key to under­standing not only the horoscope but also the person's place in the world–his or her astrolocality, as it were. Couteau dubs this least aspected focal point the ‘Transcendental Planet’ … Celebrity and historical charts aplenty illustrate Couteau's thesis–or rather, their astrocartography maps do. He also explains how midpoints, ‘parans’, and other com­plications figure into his Transcendental Planet scheme.... and he furnishes ample case studies in support of his theory, both in terms of biographies and in relation to historic events. There's a great deal more besides–this site is a virtual online book, and there's even a second volume with more on Transcendental Planets. Thanks for making so much quality astrology available free for the browsing!”

Richard Nolle,
author of Interpreting Astrology; Critical Astrology; and Chiron
(American Federation of Astrologers).
Astro-Pro Award review, June 1, 1998


“I've just checked into your Web site, and I am extremely impressed with your discoveries and presentation! Thank you. Please know that your work requires / deserves much time for study and assimilation…. I feel it is really a ‘book’ that all of us should study.”
Noel Tyl, June 1, 1998


“I just happened upon your Web site by wanting to read something inspiring about Nep­tune (I'm a Pisces). I did find your description of Neptune most eloquent and especially so your discussion of the ‘imaginal’ quality of this elusive planet ... I feel that happening onto your Web site is something of a heaven-sent, divine gift–or should I say Neptunian? I thank you for putting up your site and for your thoughtful research and discovery of the transformational function of the least aspected planet.”

A reader from New Mexico, June 10, 1998


“I think your article is one of the best pieces of astrology I have read in the last year or so. Not only does it demonstrate astrocartography in action, but it also goes a long way to demonstrate the importance of the underaspected planet, on which there is relatively little written. With so many possible foci in a chart–angular planets, chart ruler, G-sector plan­ets, final dispositor etc.–your study is a very convincing case for underaspected planets.”

Andrew Smith,
editor of The Celtic Astrologer, June 10, 1998


“Your material is superb ... Because of my interest in aspects as well as Astro*Carto*Gra­phy, I found your discussion of least aspected planets very interesting and can validate some of it. Had never looked at this concept in astrocartography before and am excited with what I've found. Will go back to your site often.... I find the triple-zero Transcenden­tals fascinating.”
Donna Van Toen,
author of The Astrologer's Node Book and The Mars Book (Samuel Weiser), June 13, 1998


“I urge you to visit Couteau's Canopus Award of Excellence winning site. The site has so much information it’s like tapping into a book–there are some truly amazing charts and interpretations, and I am particularly fascinated by his ‘least aspected’ theories. I cannot praise too highly the professional approach Couteau shows in his work. Do yourself a favor!”

Linda Reid,
author of Crossing the Threshold: Astrology and Dreaming (Penguin).
Canopus Award review, June 14, 1998


“You can tell your heart and soul went into this great site.”

Angelic Insights Award, June 23, 1998


“Congratulations on making an original contribution to the field of astrocartography.
I read your work on Primary Transcendental Planets with great interest.”
Colin Wareham,
editor of Astrolore magazine, July 1, 1998


“Unique research into astrocartography. This site is definitely worth a visit.”
The Zodiacal Zephyr, Sep. 1998

“You have identified an core element of psychological process regarding developmental potential. Revealing the least aspected planet (LAP) as key in this process marks this as some of the most seminal work done in astrology for many years. Your scholarly yet heartfelt writing style deserves the highest praise. Most importantly, your work is a conceptual masterpiece, i.e., the fun­damentally important concept of approaching astrology from the vantage point of the numinous. I wonder if you realize how good you are at connecting Jungian concepts to astrology: one of the best I've seen! I always learn some­thing at your site.”

Douglas Boyd,
Galaxy: Archetypal Astrological Services, Oct. 8, 1998


“I had a guru with an unaspected Sun. He always thought that it allowed him the maxi­mum freedom of expressing the Sun's meaning and function. Perhaps aspects not only help manifest or express a planet's meaning and function but they also limit its scope of action.”
Dr Victor Mansfield,
author of Synchronicity, Science, and Soul-Making (Open Court),
and Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Colgate University; Oct. 15, 1998


“Go here for excellent work on astrocartography maps.”

Mountain Astrologer,
“Our Favorite Links,” Jan. 1999


“Couteau shares his in-depth research into biography and location at his site. There is a large collection of maps (more than 100) and articles at this always growing site, which is a wonderful resource for those interested in locational techniques.”
Mary Plumb,
“Hot Web Sites for Astrologers,”
reviewed in The Mountain Astrologer, July 2000


“Don't miss Couteau's work on ‘The Role of the Least Aspected Planet’; it is astoundingly good research.”


Mark McDonough,
President, AstroDatabank; Feb. 2001


 “Congratulations on your work!”
Boris Cristoff,
author of the Astrologic Table of History; Feb. 2001



“Your words and sentences are almost like a connective tissue

between matter and spirit.”

Hollywood screenwriter; Nov. 4, 2001


“An exceptional article on astrocartography and the role of the least aspected planet.”

Kevin Burk,

author of Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart; 2002









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