The Role of the Least Aspected Planet in Astrocartography.

Planetary Symbolism in Astrocartography and Transcendental Astrology,

by Rob Couteau.

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Saturn = 110
Neptune = 122
Pluto = 130
Uranus = 210
Mercury = 221
Mars = 231
Moon = 331
Sun = 410
Jupiter = 412


[Least-aspected Saturn]

His greatest, and most admirable, quality was to be content with limited success.
–Alan J. Taylor, Bismarck. The Man and the Statesman.1

Otto von Bismarck

Otto von Bismarck was the German ambassador to France in 1862. He later “instigated” (Tertiary Pluto) the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 and the following year “dictated” (Pluto) the terms of peace to France. France is located directly under the “restrictive influence” of his Primary Saturn, which curves over France in a Transcendental Setting position.
        Bis­marck’s “achievements” led to “increased professional success” (Saturn). After the war, he was crowned a prince (1871) and appointed imperial chancellor. The “conservative chancellor” (Primary Saturn) is remembered for the Austria-Hungary alliance of 1879: “the first formal alliance [Saturn] between two Great Powers concluded in peacetime since the outbreak of the French revolution and the end of the ancien régime [which] set a rigid pattern [Saturn] which shaped international relations until the First World War.”2
        Bismarck’s final years were marked by a decidedly “conser­vative streak” (Saturn). His domestic policies were anti-Socialist while his “retrograde” (Saturn) foreign policy led historians to regard him as “the man who sought to preserve Europe’s traditional [Saturn] civilization.”3

1. Alan J. Taylor, Bismarck. The Man and the Statesman, p. 211.
2. Ibid., p. 192.
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Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography




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