The Role of the Least Aspected Planet in Astrocartography.

Planetary Symbolism in Astrocartography and Transcendental Astrology,

by Rob Couteau.

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Saturn = 202
Mercury = 210
Pluto = 211
Uranus = 220
Neptune = 231
Mars = 310
Venus = 320
Sun = 331

[Least-aspected Saturn]

As Sean’s gotten older, he’s become much more subtle. He can say more with a raised eye­brow than most actors can with a whole paragraph of dialogue.
–Director Arne Glimcher.

He’s a leading man in his sixties. How many other actors can say that?
–Producer Lee Rich.

I’ve always played older.
–Sean Connery.

Sean Connery

Sean Connery’s Primary Saturn rises almost precisely over his birthplace in Edinburgh, Scotland. His various cinematic roles are notable for their convincing portrayals of characters who bear “serious social responsibility” (Saturn) and who project a commanding “voice / of authority” (Mercury / Sat­urn) yet one that also reflects a lighter, “mercurial wit” (Secondary Mercury).





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Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography




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'The Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography.'



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VIII. Complete Index of Names and Events



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