The Role of the Least Aspected Planet in Astrocartography.

Planetary Symbolism in Astrocartography and Transcendental Astrology,

by Rob Couteau.

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Pluto = 041
Mars = 100
Uranus = 110
Mercury = 131
Jupiter = 400
Neptune = 410
Saturn = 412
Sun = 511
Moon = 522

[Least-aspected Pluto]

The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend a personal God and avoid dogmas and theology. It should be based on a religious sense arising from the expe­rience of all things natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity. Buddhism answers this description.
–Albert Einstein.

The Dalai-Lama  

The Dalai Lama was born in Taktser Village (northeast of Tibet), near the rising position of his Primary Pluto. The Plutonian symbolism of “transformation, metamor­phosis, and rebirth” is reflected in the Dalai Lama’s personal history: chosen as a Dalai Lama as a child, he was taken from his natural parents to be raised as a sage. Pluto sym­bolizes one who “catalyzes fundamental change in the lives of oth­ers.” Besides his role as a spiritual figurehead, this was reflected in his work as an influential “political leader” accorded “widespread international recognition”  (Primary Pluto).





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Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography




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