The Role of the Least Aspected Planet in Astrocartography.

Planetary Symbolism in Astrocartography and Transcendental Astrology,

by Rob Couteau.

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Mars = 031
Uranus = 200
Pluto = 202
Neptune = 212
Venus = 220
Sun = 300
Saturn = 302
Mercury = 310
Moon = 521

[Least-aspected Mars]

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The creator of Sherlock Holmes was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, just north of his Pri­mary Mars, which rises over southern and western England. Conan Doyle was educated at Stonyhurst College at Edinburgh, where he received a Bachelor of Medicine and a Master of “Surgery” (Primary Mars). Afterward, he “practiced medicine” (Primary Mars / Tertiary Pluto) in Southsea (1882-1890). Edinburgh is also directly under the rising line of his Tertiary Pluto. His Secondary Transcen­dental, Uranus, curves in a rising line over the Atlantic, just south of England; therefore, this entire region is framed by a Transcendental Midpoint-Field involving his key Tran­scendentals.
        “Ambitious and energetic application / of innovative methods / in the research and investigation of criminal and underworld activities” is a typical equation for this Primary Mars / Secondary Uranus / Tertiary Pluto Transcendental com­bination: one that aptly portrays the manner and method of Conan Doyle’s fictional detec­tive, Sherlock Holmes. Doyle’s “interactive association with a male colleague” (Primary Mars) led to the creation of Sherlock Holmes, as his keen observation of Dr Joseph Bell–a surgeon at the Edinburgh Infirmary, under whom Conan Doyle worked as an outpatient clerk–combined with his own “intuitional brilliance” (Secondary Uranus) to produce the composite character of Holmes: one of fiction’s “prototypical / detective figures” (Second­ary Uranus / Tertiary Pluto).
        Besides playing a central role in developing this “new and innovative genre” (Ura­nus), Conan Doyle’s “prolific output” (Mars) included historical romances such as Micah Clarke (1888); The White Company (1890); Sir Nigel (1906); Rodney Stone (1896), a novel on “boxing” (Mars); books on spiritualism, such as A New Revelation (1918) and the two-volume History of Spiritualism (1926); the plays The Fires of Fate (1909) and The Poison Belt (1913); poems; and an autobiography, My Memories and Adventures (1924).
        He also served in the Second Boer “War” (Mars / Pluto) in South Africa (1899-1902) as a “physician” (Mars / Pluto). In his astrocartography, South Africa is directly under the rising line of Secondary Uranus. This region is framed by his Primary Mars / Secondary Uranus Transcendental Midpoint-Field, since Primary Mars rises over the southeast coast of Africa.
        After returning to England, he wrote The Great Boer War (1900) and a pamphlet, The War in South Africa, for which he was knighted in 1902. The loss of his son in the war led to a passionate interest in spiritualism, which lasted throughout his life and which resulted in his extensive writing on the subject. He also traveled to Australia, Africa, and the United States to promote his “innovative beliefs” (Secondary Uranus).



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Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography




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