The Role of the Least Aspected Planet in Astrocartography.

Planetary Symbolism in Astrocartography and Transcendental Astrology,

by Rob Couteau.

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Sun = 031
Venus = 042
Uranus = 100
Jupiter = 110
Neptune = 130
Saturn = 210
Mars = 211
Moon = 310
Mercury = 311
Pluto = 330


[Least-aspected Sun] [Venus] [Uranus]


Through the completely mythic fame he achieved with the Beatles, his avant-garde (some would say eccentric) personal lifestyle, and through his art–poems, drawings, musical performances and compositions (he probably would have included his personal lifestyle in this category)–John Lennon continues to fascinate.
–Craig Cotter, “John Lennon,” St. James Guide to Biography.

We’re more popular than Jesus now.
–John Lennon, in 1966.

John Lennon

One of the greatest “celebrities” (Primary Sun) of the 1960s and “internationally acclaimed” (Sun) for his “brilliance, innovation / and creative genius” (Tertiary Uranus / Secondary Venus) musician John Lennon was born almost precisely under the line of his Primary Sun in Liverpool, England. After Lennon was introduced to Paul McCartney in 1956 and George Harrison in 1957, the three Liverpool natives (along with two other tem­porary members) formed what was to become the most successful popular music group of the 1960s. With the addition of Ringo Starr on August 16, 1962, the Beatles were complete. Until their breakup in 1971, the music co-written by Lennon and McCart­ney resulted in massive record sales, and the group consistently remained at the top of the charts and at the “center of media focus” (Sun).
        Lennon’s “self-reflective” (Sun) nature was portrayed in many of his creations, notably “Nowhere Man” (1965) and the post-Beatles confessional “God” (e.g., “I just believe in me”). His “creative talents, personal magnetism, charisma,” and the many efforts Lennon made, later in his life, on behalf of “peace” in the world, are symbolized by his Secondary Transcendental, Venus. Besides his recorded refrain to “Give Peace a Chance” (1969), which has now become a stock politi­cal phrase, his “well-publicized efforts to bring attention / to world peace” (Sun / Venus) utilized “unusual, innovative methods” (Tertiary Uranus), such as televised “sleep-ins” with his wife, Yoko Ono, and the “bizarre” (Uranus) happenings that were sometimes derided by critics as “crack pot” (Uranus) and “self-consciously / eccen­tric” (Sun / Uranus).
        Lennon’s “dramatic / creations / that relied on experimental methods and avant-guard” (Sun / Venus / Uranus) musical arrangements were considered “original and innovative for the time” (Uranus) and exerted an enormous “influence on future / creative trends” (Uranus / Venus). Nearly every Beatles album from the mid- to late Sixties received “great public attention and scrutiny” (Primary Sun) due to their “creative sophistication” and “aesthetically pleasing / innovations” (Venus / Uranus).
        Lennon’s “distinctive per­sonal style and tendency to dramatic self-expression” (Sun) combined with a “personal magnetism and charm” (Venus) to influence an entire generation, which followed the Beatles through their successive stages of “flamboyant / and quirky dress and lifestyle” (Sun / Uranus)–initially “shocking” (Uranus) the American television audience when they appeared with long hair on The Ed Sullivan Show, in 1964. Their “widely publicized / experi­ments” (Sun / Uranus) with meditation, hallucinogens, Indian music and culture, and experimental art forms influenced or “anticipated” (Uranus) wider cultural and social developments for decades to come.

This essay was published in the Summer 1998
edition of Astrolore magazine.





Revised & updated: 5 August 2005



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Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography




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