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The Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography.

New Insights into the Spirit of Place, by Robert Couteau.

All text © Copyright 2002 Robert Couteau



I. Introduction

II. Transcendental Biographies    |    III. Transcendental Events

IV. Psychic inflation    -    Summary of Planetary Symbolism    -    Transcendental Planets        

V. Nodes / the Triple-zero Transcendental    |    Appendices: Orbs / References / Data

Additional Maps    |    Notes    |    Bibliography    |    FAQ



I. Interview in Astrolore    |    II. Transcendental Nations    |    III. American Presidents & LAP Saturn

IV. World Events    |    V. Numinous Consciousness    

VI. The LAP as a Metaphor of the Soul    |    VII. Zones of Intensity    |    

VIII. Complete Index of Names and Events


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