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The Role of the Least Aspected Planet in Astrocartography.

Planetary Symbolism in Astrocartography and Transcendental Astrology,

by Robert Couteau.

All text © Copyright 2005 Rob Couteau

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Mercury = 020
Jupiter = 110
Moon = 112
Mars = 120
Venus = 211
Sun = 212
Uranus = 310
Pluto = 320
Neptune = 400


[Least-aspected Mercury] [Jupiter] 

She had an extraordinary knowledge of what her people would think–extraordinary, because it could not come from any personal intercourse.
–Lord Salisbury eulogizing Queen Victoria in the House of Lords, on January 25, 1901.

Her mother gave her a small leather-back notebook in which to write an account of the journey ... From then onwards, until January 14th 1901, eight days before her death, she faithfully filled a further one hundred and twenty-one volumes ... She sat down every night to record how she spent her time, and her character shines through every page of her journal. Her massive integrity, her stubborn common sense, her quick, observant eye, her passionate enthusiasms, her royal memory, her naive simplicity, are all disclosed in her vivid, staccato style.
–Giles St Aubyn, Queen Victoria. A Portrait.

Queen Victoria 

Despite her royal birth in Kensington Palace, Queen Victoria was, in her own words, “brought up very simply” and was attended to chiefly by her impoverished mother; her half sister, Feodore; and her governess. As illustrated in her astrocartography, Kensing­ton is in the center of a wide Transcendental Midpoint-Field, extending from her Pri­mary Mercury, which rises over the west coast of Ireland, to her Secondary Jupiter, which runs in its vertical, Midheaven position over the center of Europe. These sym­bols, signifying on the one hand the sentiment of “the common people” (Primary Mer­cury) and on the other the “cultural soul” (Secondary Jupiter), expressed themselves in Victoria’s personal life in a variety of seemingly contradic­tory manners.
        Mercury symbolizes “letter writing and journal keeping,” and, as the “minutely recorded details” of her voluminous “dairies” and “letters” reveal, her prolific “recording” (Mercury) of events exemplified the themes of Primary Mercury. Her dairy was faithfully kept from the age of fourteen, in 1832, until eight days before her death, in 1901, and it consists of no less than 122 “notebooks” (Primary Mercury). The authorized edition of her correspondence, Letters of Queen Victoria, initially numbered nine volumes; these were followed by other collections of correspondence, such as Further Letters of Queen Victoria and the five-volume edition of letters to her daughter, Vicky (edited by Roger Fulford).
        Victoria carried her detail-oriented approach into her official role as monarch. Less concerned with overt displays of royalty than with the careful scrutiny of “facts and figures” (Mercury), she was said to have “drill eyes” and to insist on being consulted on even “trivial matters” (Primary Mercury), to the point that she sometimes neglected the more flamboyant, theatrical displays of royalty that were expected of her.
        Her popularity with the “common people” (Mercury) helped to guarantee the continuation of the monarchy: an especially important feat, since the crown was considered to be badly tarnished and was even threatened with being discontinued due to the scandals of the recent past. Her respectful handling of the crown, combined with her capacity for, in Lord Salisbury’s words, “an extraordinary knowledge of what her people [were thinking]” (Primary Mercury), helped to “nurture, / preserve, and expand” (Tertiary Moon / Secondary Jupiter) the institution of the monarchy long
after her death.




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Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography




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