The Role of the Least Aspected Planet in Astrocartography.

Planetary Symbolism in Astrocartography and Transcendental Astrology,

by Rob Couteau.

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Pluto = 021
Saturn = 101
Neptune = 121
Sun = 131
Mercury = 141
Mars = 241
Jupiter = 320

[Least-aspected Pluto] [Saturn]

II. The Civil War
iii: The North responds

After Fort Sumter was fired upon, Major Robert Anderson (the Northern commander of the fort) decided to preserve his precious supply of lighting oil, and he waited until the light of day to respond to the Confederate volley. At 7:30 A.M., when the Union finally fired back at the Confederate regiments, Primary Pluto was rising directly over South Carolina, slightly to the west of Fort Sumter.





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5 August 2005


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Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography




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'The Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography.'



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