The Role of the Least Aspected Planet in Astrocartography.

Planetary Symbolism in Astrocartography and Transcendental Astrology,

by Rob Couteau.

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Mercury = 022
Venus = 130
Uranus = 210
Jupiter = 301
Neptune = 312
Saturn = 420
Pluto = 500
Sun = 510
Mars = 612
Moon = 711

[Least-aspected Mercury]

Nazi Party founded

When the Nazi Party was founded, Primary Mercury was curving just several degrees west of Germany in its setting position. In its negative or inflated manifestation (see my essay on “Psychic Inflation”), the combination of Primary Mercury with Secondary Venus and Tertiary Uranus led to the creation of “intellectual / and emotional values / of an eccentric, fanatic, or amoral nature.” (See the following study, “Nazi’s surrender,” in which these same planets again appear as the key Transcendentals.)





Revised & updated: 1 January 2012


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Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography




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'The Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography.'



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