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Transcendental Nations

'Horoscopes of Nations & Underaspected Planets': 

Extensive collection of horoscopes of nations,
exploring the peculiar role of least-aspected Saturn in national formations and in presidential horoscopes.


Transcendental Biographies

Complete collection of American presidential horoscopes

With sign / ascendant break-down & statistical analysis of least-aspected planets for all 41 American presidents. Other celebrity horoscopes and presidential candidates added each month.

Transcendental Events

'Mundane Events & Underaspected Planets': 

Mundane charts with least-aspected planets; including the first oil strike (least-aspected Neptune); the discovery of Pluto (least-aspected Pluto); and Black Thursday, the 1929 Depression (least-aspected Saturn).


Books about

Crossing the Threshold:
The Astrology of Dreaming
by Linda Reid

The Only Way to Learn 


by Marion D. March & Joan McEvers

The Role of the Least-aspected Planet
in Astrocartography

Recommended Astrology Sites: 


Astrocartography from Equinox:

Highlighting the amazing research of astrologer Robert Currey, and offering a wide range of astrology and astrocartography services. Bookmark it:


Other astro sites:

A-Rated Astrology Software, Programs, and Books

Free astrology software by Halloran


American Federation of Astrologers

Free astro maps, natal charts, atlas & time-zone database

Astrologer's Fund

Astrological Association of Great Britain

Astrological Lodge of London

Astrology and Your Family

Astrology Aromatherapy Tarot Occult Metaphysics

Astrology Metalog

Astrology on the Web

Mercury Retrograde

Astrology Wizard

Astrologer Paul Wade; includes free zodiac screensavers, astrology games, forecasts, Sun-sign analysis, chatroom & forum.

Astrology World


Bella Online Astrology

A beautiful and informative site hosted by Elizabeth Bissette

British Association for Vedic Astrology

Crystalinks Metaphysical and Science Page


A nonprofit charitable division of the Astro*Carto*Graphy Trust

Feng Shui author, teacher and practitioner, Jon Sandifer

InnerSelf Astrology

Institute for Astroenergetic Studies 

Hans-Hinrich Taeger and Thomas Siegfried have amassed an enormous archive of birth data, which is available both in printed and CD-Rom editions. Their care and devotion to collecting and sorting through data sources and references has played an important role in modern astrological research.They also host one of the most trippy and enjoyable astro-sites on the net

International Society for Astrological Research

Leslie Temple-Thurston

Linda Hill: Sabian Symbols

Lois Rodden's Astro data bank

Without Lois Rodden's invaluable work, especially her Astro-Data series, I never would have been able to progress so quickly in my research on least-aspected planets. Please visit her new site:

"Each week Lois Rodden posts the chart and a biography of someone in the news. Her AstroDatabank CD has 20,000 birth data and biographies for case studies of famous people. It is also includes a learning tool that lets you produce custom study guides using the data of people that you know well and a research tool that scans charts for multiple factors the way a human astrologer would."


Valuable on-line texts

Mountain Astrologer

Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Nicoli Ann Bailey

Jungian perspectives on astrology: Highly recemmended.
Nicoli is a long-time student of mythology, Jungian psychology, and esoteric symbolism and weaves these threads into her work.

Planet Zodiac: The Lost Horoscope X-Files

Zodiac aphesis astrology-software and free birth-chart analysis tips based on the lost horoscope x-files from Greek, Medieval and Renaissance sources

Project Hindsight

Robert Hand: "The Lot or Part of Fortune"

Richard Nolle: "Signs and Constellations"

Sify Astrology

Starcats' Astrology Center

The Starcat's woman: her newsletter is a labor of love, filled with valuable insights, especially regarding eclipses, fixed stars, mundane andcontemporary events

Starlight Astrology

The Centre for Psychological Astrology

Vesta Sun

"What contradictory principles clash - suppressing and stimulating creativity simultaneously - in the Vesta-Sun relationships (as well as in Vesta-Mars and Vesta-Jupiter connections)! The analytical, critical, growth-inhibiting and procrastinating Earth element conflicts with the Fire element, with its impetuous and uncontrollable urge for self-realisation." -- Read this refreshing piece of work on "Vesta-Sun" by Hans-Hinrich Taeger


Birth Certificate Information / Search

Yahoo! Astrology

Your Planets

Personalized Vedic Astrology

Zodiac Master Astrology Menu

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The Role of the Least-aspected Planet
in Astrocartography


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